SPUG: How to deal with same name packages

Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Mon Jan 14 21:00:14 CST 2002

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OK, i'll bite.  I have started to learn the perl debugger several times and 
each time I run into this problem:

How do you run the debugger inside a CGI (or more importantly a mod_perl) 
environment.  About 90% of what I do in perl runs behind apache in mod_perl 
and can't get very far past

Zub handler {
	my $r = shift;
	my $s = $r->server;

debugger complains "Can't call method "server" on an undefined blah blah...

I know I've seen this somewhere before where you run the debugger inside some 
sort of apache environment or something.

Help, I really want to stop using print STDERR!  Can I make database 
connections in the debugger?

On Monday 14 January 2002 03:46 pm, Andrew Sweger wrote:
> To all of you _still_ using debugging print statements, I urge you to give
> the Perl debugger a try. I will never go back to print statements. If you
> tried the Perl debugger and went back to print statements, speak up. I'd
> be curious to know what problems folks ran into (reasons other than not
> actually learning how to use the debugger). I already realize that
> learning the Perl debugger is hard work. It is worth it!

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