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O'neil, Jerome joneil at cobaltgroup.com
Mon Aug 26 13:00:41 CDT 2002

Are we allowed to comment on Slashdot here on the list?


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At 8:00 am this morning (8/26), a new article was posted on slashdot.org
titled, "Interviews: Ask Larry Wall."

"About what? Perl is probably a good topic choice. No one knows more about
Perl than Larry Wall, right? We'll send 10 of the highest-moderated
questions to Larry by email, and post his answers when we get them back.
Note: Due to Slashdot's line length restrictions, lines of code over 50
characters long may not display correctly. Please be aware of this if you
include code samples in your question."

So far, there aren't but a few good insightful questions. Here's a chance to
have the expert answer the Perl question that keeps you awake at night.

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