SPUG: Stupid Ascii question

Peter Darley pdarley at kinesis-cem.com
Thu Aug 15 13:07:04 CDT 2002

    I thought I might get this question.  The reasons are:

        I don't want deleted stuff in the real table, growing indexes and
potentially slowing down queries etc.

	  If the deleted stuff stays in the original table there is a good chance
that there will be collisions with primary keys or other unique constraints
if something similar is added back in in the future.

        I want to be able to put all deleted stuff into one table, rather
than having one 'deleted' table for each real table I have.  If I can pack
everything into a string the table doesn't need to match because all the
data goes into one field.

Peter Darley

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> Peter Darley <pdarley at kinesis-cem.com> wrote:
> Friends, I am working with database stuff and I
> want to store deleted database records, so
> there's a history of what was in the database.
I know I'll be declared a heretic for recommending it, but if you have
access to the database, why not simply let the database handle it instead of
writing a bunch of code and custom formats.
Add a boolean 'deleted' attribute to the relations in question,  or create a
new 'deleted records' relation, and add a trigger to copy the record on
delete.  Standard OLAP stuff.
This way you have a complete history in the database, everything is fully
recoverable via your SOP database management practices, and you've saved a
bunch of time.
$0.02 worth.  Spend wisely...

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