SPUG: YAPC:Euro; good fares from SEA?

Barry Sharp bxs at sdc.cs.boeing.com
Thu Jun 21 12:43:46 CDT 2001

G'Day Tim:

You might find someone who's willing share/sell/give you their
transferable frequent flyer miles to help defray your airplane
trip expenses.

Other suggestions that will require some time/effort for you:

1. Call airlines such as British Airways (BA), SAS, NorthWest and
   inquire about standby seats and procedures.
2. Try Air Canada/Candian Airlines -- they sometimes have better
   rates along with their exchange rate. You have option to drive
   to Vancouver to save some or simply use their shuttle from SeaTac.
3. Sometimes you can get cheaper flights by traveling through a major
   U.S. airline hub such as Chicago, Denver, Dallas TX, San Fran, etc.
   Adds several hours to the travel time but if cost is an overriding
   factor then you benefit by it.
4. Call around and talk with Travel agents and pick their brains about
   specials :-)
5. Post your inquiry on the Net at several Travel Forums.

6. The other month BA was offering $99 each way to London from New York.
   The trick here was getting to New York from Seattle for similar cost ;-)
7. Go to SeaTac and pickup an evaluation form from BA's, SAS's desk etc
   and fill it out and send it in -- sometimes airlines will offer a free
   trip to people who have had a bad experience with their travels.
8. If you have frequent flyer miles but are just a tad low in meeting
   your trips mileage requirement you can sometimes 'buy' the difference
   and still come out ahead.
9. Try flying into UK's Stanstead/Gatwick/Manchester airports -- landing fees
   and airline overheads are lower at these airports than for Heathrow.
   Geeeeesh, they're adding runway 5 to Heathrow, so I hear!
10. If there was a bridge/tunnel between Alaska and Russia you could drive
    your trusty automobile ;-) Mind you, the gasoline costs plus other
    events might push the cost above using the airlines -- would be an
    interesting trip though.
Hope that helps.... Regards... Barry Sharp

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> From: Tim Maher/CONSULTIX <tim at consultix-inc.com>
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> Subject: SPUG: YAPC:Euro; good fares from SEA?
> SPUGsters,
> Now that my tutorial proposal has been accepted, I suddenly find myself
> in need of a flight to Amsterdam to attend YAPC::Europe, 8/2-4.  Does
> anybody have advice on economical flights to Amsterdam, or clever ploys to
> fly to a cheaper nearby city instead (Brussels, London, etc.)?  By surfing
> various web-sites, I've found a non-stop SEA-AMS flight on NorthWest for
> $1,067, and connecting flights from the high $800s to the low $900s on
> other airlines. Anything better out there?
> -Tim
> P.S. The title of my half-day tutorial is "Minimal Perl for the Impatient",
> which shows how to write "AWKish" programs (using a Pattern/Action model of
> selecting data lines for munging) using Perl.  I'll also probably be
> running a public one-day hands-on class of the same name in Kirkland in
> mid-August, in case anybody's interested.  The schedule and pricing will
> appear on the Consultix web-site once it's finalized.
> I've attached a description of the tutorial.
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