SPUG: ppm broken (activestate)

Showell30 at aol.com Showell30 at aol.com
Thu Jun 14 22:44:36 CDT 2001

Hello.  I use ActiveState Perl version 5.6.0 build 618 on Windows 98.  My PPM 
(version 2.1) just started breaking recently with this error:

PPM interactive shell (2.1) - type 'help' for available commands.
PPM> search Net-FTP

not well-formed at line 1, column 17, byte 17 at 
 line 73

I assume that ActiveState has made a change to their server that broke the 
old version of the PPM client.  Their web site doesn't give much help.  Some 
one else reported the same bug on March 8th, and it's still open.  I am 
assuming that installing a new version of ActivePerl will fix this, but I 
have to do this at a client site tomorrow where I have very limited time and 
a slow connection.  Is there a way to just upgrade the version of PPM?  

More specifically, I need to make sure that I can properly install the 
Net::Ftp module and all its dependent modules.  They are under my 
perl\site\lib directory on my PC at home.  I don't recall whether I 
specifically installed these via PPM, or if they came with the original 
install of Perl.  How much danger is there in just copying the \perl\site\lib 
directory to a floppy and then copying them to the other machine tomorrow?  

Background: The system is a simple system to maintain web pages.  I have a 
simple Perl script to build pages, and another script to upload the files via 
FTP.  The system works great on my PC, and now I need to transfer it to the 
other PC, which is almost exactly the same configuration as my system at 
home, except I've installed a module or two on my home system since they were 
the exact configuration.  So, a hackish solution is fine if it gets the job 

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