SPUG: E-SPUG Suspended, awaiting Emperor

Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Thu Apr 12 18:41:28 CDT 2001


Attached (below my .sig) is what I've just posted on the SPUG
page, to clarify the current status of E-SPUG.

It may be time to let E-SPUG die a natural death, and call it
a failed experiment.  The irony is that whenever we have talked
about changing the location for the SPUG meetings (from downtown),
lots of Eastsiders chime in lobbying for a location on their side
of the lake; yet meeting attendance is very low, unless Damian
Conway is the speaker.  And only two brave souls in human history
have ever volunteered to take charge and revitalize the group,
but neither of them (Asim and "that young guy") has been able to
invest as much time as might have been required to really get
things going, so I'm not convinced we really know yet whether
E-SPUG could fly if properly nurtured.

In any case, consider this the "last call" for E-SPUG; unless
somebody volunteers to take over as Group Leader, and makes
an effort to revitalize the group, it will cease to exist.

Of course, East-siders (along with all other English speakers)
continue to be welcome at the SPUG meetings, in downtown Seattle.
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E-SPUG: Eastside Seattle PERL Users Group

Eastside-SPUG is a Seattle-area Perl User's Group serving the
high-tech communities East of Lake Washington (e.g., Kirkland,
Bellevue, and Redmond).

What's the need for this?  The bridges over Lake Washington
present formidable obstacles to vehicular traffic, discouraging
many Perl enthusiasts from attending SPUG meetings in the past
(which are currently held in downtown Seattle, on the West-side
of Lake Washington).

E-SPUG Meetings Suspended!

Attendance at E-SPUG meetings has been poor in 2001, and volunteerism
low, causing many of us to wonder about E-SPUG's viability. 
Accordingly, meetings have been suspended indefinitely, pending the
emergence of a new volunteer leader to try to revitalize this group.

Anyone interested in applying for this position please contact
SPUG Leader Tim Maher.

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