SPUG: building perl under windows w/free compiler

Steffen Beyer sb at sdm.de
Fri Sep 29 12:05:09 CDT 2000

Hello Creede Lambard, in a previous mail you wrote:

> Well, being the good Samaritan that I am, I was going to build you a copy of
> this and send it along. Unfortunately when I did it ran into errors in test
> 14 (tie). I'd be glad to put it up if you'd still like to see it.

I already did, but thanks a lot anyway for your offer!
(See my next posting - your mail feed seems to be slower than mine)

Yes, the test #14 (concerning method "tie" of the module) fails with
ActivePerl Has to do with duping filehandles. Dunno why yet.

But the "examples" test scripts work, and since they're quite tough,
the module should still be ok except for that extra tying part.

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