SPUG: @INC different in IE5 and NSNavigator

fred.giorgi at philips.com fred.giorgi at philips.com
Wed Sep 20 15:21:53 CDT 2000

A strange learning experience.
I have a link on my web page to a perl script that uses a module  called "sheet.pm" which I wrote. The module is in the same directory as the script so I put these lines at the top of my script.
use FindBin;
use lib $FindBin::Bin;
use sheet;
I can execute my script by selecting the html link in Exploder but not in Navigator. The @INC array is different when using each browser. Navigator gives me a "d:/TEMP" in @INC  where Exploder gives me the correct path to my module. I see that Navigator 
copies the script to d:/TEMP before attempting to run it while Explorer actually runs it from the original location. So Perl does not see my module located in d:/TEMP and thus aborts.  I had to hard code the link to the module thus adding :    use lib 
prior to the    use sheet;   line.

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