SPUG: A little style question....

Aaron Salo aaron_j_salo at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 19 20:03:18 CDT 2000

--- Stephen Nickels <snickels at u.washington.edu> wrote:
> is: here docs, good
> or bad?

::starting a holy war::
      - bad -

Use qq() instead and you get great taste and less
filling in the same bottle...

my $output = qq(Hey, y'all,<BR>
is the SILLIEST "thing" 
I ever <SPAN CLASS="bigandbold">heard</SPAN> 
& I really mean it!!!);

escapes all your HTML and your quotes and your
punctuation very nicely, also carries your newlines
forward as well...

> Line-delimited
> things like here docs
> break this rule of his quite severly.

Agreed. With qq() you have delimiting characters not
prone to the python-esque malfunction (not to mention
debugging headache) of arbitrary line formations. You
can use any delimiting character you like, I generally
prefer parens. However, if you're writing SQL you
might not want to use parens:

$sql = qq^
SET foo = 'bar',
bar = 'foo'
WHERE account_number in
(SELECT account_number FROM bar
where username = 'here_doc')

very tidy.


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