SPUG: September Meeting, on map, grep, sort

Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Sat Sep 16 00:02:20 CDT 2000

             September 2000 Seattle Perl User's Group Meeting
         Topic: map, grep, and sort
       Speaker: Richard Anderson, Raycosoft (http://www.raycosoft.com)
          Time: September 19th, 2000 (Third Tuesday), 7pm-9pm
      LOCATION: Union Bank of California Bldg, 5th Floor Mtg Room
          Cost: Free

Dr. Richard Anderson (Richard.Anderson at raycosoft.com) will give a talk on
the use of the Perl built-in functions map, grep, and sort, showing how
these powerful list-transformation, list-filtration, and list-ordering
functions can accomplish in a few lines what takes many more in other
languages.  The infamous "Schwartzian Transform", for sorting complex
records by specific fields, will also be covered.

John Cokos of iWeb, Inc. will give an update on the status of the group
software development platform discussed in previous meetings.

Tim Maher will give out some special prizes in a drawing, and help guide
the discussions as usual.

Admission is free and open to the general public.  Attendees are
encouraged to arrive at the building's 5th & Madison door by 6:45pm,
which might be locked at other times.


We recommend avoiding the parking lot below the Union Bank building,
due to the very hefty fee you'll be assessed if you leave after 9pm.
There are plenty of other parking garages in the vicinity that are
more affordable, and some on-street parking too.

Pre/Post-Meeting Gathering Place

Come and pass the pre-meeting time with other SPUGsters at the
Rock Bottom brewpub, at 1333 5th Ave., (206) 623-3070, in
downtown Seattle.  Look to your left, near the bar or pool table,
for bizarre yet strangely appealing characters wielding laptops
and hearty ales.  Attendees tend to arrive after 6pm, and to leave
for the meeting by 6:40pm.

For more information, including driving directions and street
addresses, see http://www.halcyon.com/spug/.

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