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Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Wed Jun 21 15:23:03 CDT 2000


Some people are getting the impression that I'm talking about selling
the SPUG email-list to headhunters.  DON'T PANIC!  I had nothing of the
sort in mind.

By offering them "special access to our Email list", I was thinking that
we might loosen the usual requirements for postings that currently scare
away most headhunting agencies.  Specifically, recruiters are required
to disclose the hourly rate they're willing to pay the contractor;
many refuse to do this, and get their submissions squelched (by me)
on this basis.  (Such disclosure makes it harder for them to play "both
ends against the middle" and jack up their bill-rate while reducing their
pay-rate, to the detriment of both the contractor and the client.  If they
want to play these games, they can do so without the help of SPUG, IMHO.)

There's at least one agency out there that guarantees 82% of their
bill-rate to the contractor, so for them, for example, it might be
reasonable to waive this hourly-rate disclosure.  But only if they're
an agency with a good reputation, which is why I'm asking for feedback
on which agencies are considered ethical and good.

I don't own the SPUG email-list, and don't feel entitled to sell it or use
it in any unusual way without the permission of those on it.  Trust me!

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