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Hi Vytas,


I think I can work from home on Wednesday in which case I can come along in my lunch hour. It depends a little on how the week unfolds. We tend to get very busy towards the end of the year.


I don’t know if I’ll be able a prepare a talk. How many of the group have committed to coming along?




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Duncan and all,


Session is CONFIRMED - 29th of October, 1-2pm in Anglesea building, Room A2.08 - in 4 days :(


I would like to ask more people to join! Talk will be presented behalf of Southampton Perl Mongers and it is great opportunity to talk with students, advertise vacancies, promote Perl and invite them to our social meetings.


I am preparing some slides as we speak, let me know if you can join us, and I will share my slides so you could edit/add to them. If you would like to make separate slides that's ok as well.


What I need now is from those that can join me:

 - A picture with your name

 - what are you happy to talk about


Organizer wants this to advertise and promote the talk, even though he will have only 2 days.


We need a catchy presentation name so if anyone has any suggestions, please speak.


by the way, audience will be wide ( computer engineering and networking students ), and I am currently thinking to split talk into two parts:

1. about Perl in general ( jobs, trends, etc. )

2. its technical side ( syntax, things you can do with it ) - hopefully with some real-life examples from your experience.


We need MORE people to join us,

- Vytas



On Wed, Oct 22, 2014 at 9:05 PM, Duncan Garland <duncan.garland at ntlworld.com> wrote:

That’s next Wednesday. What time and what’s the format?


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Hi, some time ago I said I am going to promote Perl at University of Portsmouth. Some of you showed great interest in helping me out.


Can those that still want to participate reply or PM.


Preliminary date is 29th of October, though it is not yet 100% agreed. I will send another e-mail once I got confirmation of correct date.




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