[Southampton-pm] southampton-pm github organisation

Tim Retout tim at retout.co.uk
Sun Aug 17 15:01:20 PDT 2014

Hi all,

I've created this Github organization:


If you want to be added to it, please ask me.  At the moment its sole
purpose is so that I can host the website on GitHub Pages.

The old pm.org web hosting is no longer offered to new groups,
suggesting they'll not maintain it forever, and using webdav is quite
tedious - this is probably one of the reasons I seldom update the

Another nice thing about hosting on github might be that anyone can
send a pull request if they want to improve the website?  I suppose
there's also the possiblity of working on Perl things using that

Kind regards,

Tim Retout <tim at retout.co.uk>

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