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Like the .sig says Im a Ingres DBA, I couldnt even 
get a free set top box...


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[OT: I am still alive!]

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> I always think that a good collection of perl one liners makes people
> want to look at Perl in more detail.

Nigel sent a 6 liner in Perl which decrypts DVD! ( it went to sotonians)

> The ability to edit a binary file always makes the C bunnies fall of their
> chairs....

for example: I was working at a co. which was creating an embedded system
when the Flash
chips started malfuctioning: a handfull of binary patterns would be scatted
accross the
address space.
Imagine my joy when I realised the 'C' route in Perl, and was also able to
perform Reg-exe's
on the
memory dump to spot the symtoms when they occured!  (and then performed a
host of bit-ops
to determine the failing address lines)

> I'm going to be knocking up a website for in the next
> of weeks.  I'd like to stick something quite gimmicky and very Perl-ish on
> it, as well as re-state the group's objectives.

blatently stealing an idea from (and possible,
but they (monks) have regular submissions on "cool uses for Perl"

what exactly ARE the (current) objectives?    :)

> If anyone has any input then I'm more than happy to incorporate it into
> site.


OT: Kevin, I saw the flash of NTL in you e-mail loc.
I've just intalled my NTL cable modem, but there are issues, are you
available to help me?   (specifically: someone in the Server Admin groups
needs to delete
an erroneous MAC address I gave them, can you "get to them" ,  fingers
crossed ;) )

All the best

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