Thinking about Windows?

Taylor, Paul ptaylor at
Tue Oct 31 07:24:30 CST 2000

Ok.  Small recommendation here for people who wind up on the Gate-meister's

OS is a bit funny about installing new machines and operating systems.  I
have no root permission anywhere in the building and the Perl installs
effected by the admin team leave something to be desired.

I'm trying to teach a trainee about CGI and Perl's general handiness in that
arena - but I can't get into the Apache config to specify an area for him to
muck about in.  Bummer.  He's got a Windows box on his desk, and we've both
got the coveted "Developer's Rights".

So, solution we found was ActiveState Perl and the Xitami Web Server for
Windows.  Xitami has quite nice handling of CGI - it even supports the UNIX
she-bang mechanism - and the Perl modules we wanted to use worked right off
the bat.  Nice.


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