Welcome to Southampton.pm

Gareth Noyce Gareth.Noyce at pennantplc.co.uk
Fri Jun 30 03:14:20 CDT 2000


Hi mongers! I figure that the 'build the site' idea is a good one, as it not
only advertises our existence, but it's fairly handy in attracting other
mongers to the group (which is A Good Thing).

Tying the perl projects to the site is also a good idea, as it gives us
something to do. So we really need to figure out what is going to be on the
site, and how Perl integrates with that. Then we can pick things to code...

So maybe the question should be: How shall we build the site (considering
we're mongers then really it should all be automated?) and what shall we put
onto it...?

My £0.02 worth...


> Hello people.
> So far there are three members of the group, myself included. 
>  We might
> want to use the forum to decide upon what Southampton.pm 
> should actually
> be doing.
> My original intention was to use it for a number of middle-sized Perl 
> projects, using implementations of which onto the southampton.pm.org
> web site.
> Any thoughts on potential projects?
> P.

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