[singapore-pm] ANNOUNCE: Perl 5.8.9 RC 1 is out.

Gaurav Vaidya gaurav at ggvaidya.com
Tue Nov 11 23:38:33 PST 2008

Hey everybody,

The first release candidate for Perl 5.8.9 is out. If you can't (or
don't want to) move onto the 'given-when' and '//' goodness of Perl
5.10, you might want to run your code against this and help weed out
any bugs. The announcement also warns that 5.8.9 will be the last
release of Perl 5.8: "5.8.10 is likely to be build failures only - no
bug fixes". If all goes according to plan, 5.8.9 will be released
within in the next two weeks.

Announcement at: http://use.perl.org/article.pl?sid=08/11/11/1842248
The "build failures only" quote is from:


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