[Santa-rosa-pm] perl 6 cheat sheet error

Ron Wickersham rjw at alembic.com
Wed Jul 28 13:29:19 PDT 2010

Geoff pointed out that the cheat sheet passed out at the meeting last
night had a line that was shorter than the others (the first character
appeared to be cut off).

the source of the Perl 6 cheat sheet:

correct your copy, looking about 1/2 way down the page, the next line
after the line with SCOPE DECLARATIONS:

the errored line starts with "~ >"   (tilde, space, right angle-bracket*).

a2ps** munged the first character, which was another tilde, so the link
should start with "~~ >"  (tilde, tilde, space, right angle-bracket).

hope alpine and your MUA doesn't eat the correction.


* unicode defines the character as "right angle bracket"*** (with no
hyphen), while math readers recognize the glyph as "greater-than" (with
or without a hyphen).

** a2ps (the unix filter originally abbreviated from "ASCII to postscript"
but which now has filters for hundreds of input file formats, rarely
makes a mistake -- and not sure where this particular error comes from...
it could be on standard input to a2ps (which was called with
a2ps -1 -B -s2 -n24 -d - ) then content pasted into dtterm session and
copied from Mozilla display, it could be inside a2ps (which may or may not
call ghostscript in this case), or even inside the postscript interpreter
inside the HP printer (have reported one serious bug long ago to HP which
they were quite surprised to find repeatable due to the really extensive
testing they put into the Adobe code since Adobe had a charge of $200,000
to correct a postscript error after HP accepted the code as working.
but unix works well enough.

*** it is certainly _not_ "right-angle bracket" even though most displays
render it with a right-angle (90 degrees), since there is a corresponding
left angle-bracket, and left-angle makes no sense -- you'd have to say
"left right-angle bracket" or "left right-angle-bracket" but certainly
not "left right angle-bracket" which is nonsense.

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