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Mon Sep 28 23:11:34 PDT 2009

Newbie-Asking for Help-Is this Improper?

Sent this originally to RJW who may have posted prior to my joining the 
list. Apologies all around if I'm improperly posting or if it is duped.

I've been trying to get installed/running a perl app and have been 
unsuccessful to date and am looking for some help. I have a small budget 
for it or hopefully someone competent will see the value to the greater 
good and assist as it is a quasi not for profit project(more on that later)

The App Background
It is an opensource app called FoodClub, Developed by an individual in 
Portland, FoodClub.org. The newer ver. of the app is currently running 
live on his server which has been forked from the opensource earlier 
ver. that I have. The developer decided last year or so to furhter 
develop it as a closed propriety service that he is developing to sell 
subscriptions to(a typical bus. model), yet the orig app is still 
opensource. So I have the source code for the latest opensource ver. of it.

My Background
I've been involved with non profit work for many years and I co-started 
the LCCOOP (Lake County Coop) and setup their buying club as a way to 
build local consensus for an actual food co-op Storefront. In '08 I 
found this opensource buying club app that is written in Perl. The app 
sits on top of a LAMP Server running mod-perl(may only need cgi now). It 
enables buying clubs the ability to "Share/split" purchases of case lots.

The original developer sent me the source code and I started my search 
for a programmer(with some initial success) to have someone assist to 
put it on my hosted server and work at the update of it's features, 
several non programmers tried and couldn't get it to work, so this time 
around I set up my own lamp server and was going to try to get it 
installed and then modified to be more feature rich. It, the app is 
adequate and functional(to get started on), but not robust. I also in 
'08 took the app and put a fork on sourceforge to develop it further as 
strictly opensource, but that fizzled and I then left the co-op, but it 
is still up there at sourceforge and I'm still committed to get it 
running if is possible.

So the bottom line is that I need some help to get it installed, asap, 
on a mod-perl'D (My server at the store (90% setup and configured) or a 
hosted site that allows root access that will allow mod-perl to be 
installed) so we can get the buying club running and THEN look at the 
options to modify it or integrate the app or duplicate the feature-set 
into a opensource shopping cart, like Magento...

I've been told it should take a few hours to evaluate it, and get it 
installed and debugged and running. If you want to look at it I could 
forward the app over, totals about 65k So if you could recommend anyone 
in the group that might be interested in helping. I have some funds for 
the project as stated, but we are a start up and funds are limited and 
it is a quasi not for profit project.

Thanks for taking the time to read and consider this.

So if anyone is interested to help you could give me a call when you get 
a min. or by email. I'm usually at the store from 7:30a on thur. and 
9:30a other days to 8p..10p..11p..Midnight every day, ie. 12-15-18 hrs 
p/day 7days.

Earth Goods/Moontide Health Foods

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