[Santa-rosa-pm] March meeting (well, field trip, really)

Ron Wickersham rjw at alembic.com
Wed Mar 19 17:00:54 PDT 2008

as we discussed at the last meeting, the usual date for the BALUG
meeting (in San Francisco) is is moved one week later and comes on
the same date as our regular perl meeting.    i proposed that we
have a field trip as a group and attend the BALUG to hear Mark
Shuttleworth of Ubuntu/Canonical and while not everyone could go
several were interested in the field trip.

since some perl members may have missed the meeting, this will
let everyone know that we do plan the field trip and will have
to leave Santa Rosa earlier than our regular meeting.   we can
also carpool and leave from Alembic at 5:30 PM and talk about
perl on the road ;-).

BALUG meets in the upstairs large conference room at the Four Seas
restaurant at 731 Grant Street, and the Chinese meal costs $13.00.

if you want to go on the field trip please let me know and i'll
RSVP for us as a group, and then know who's on the way so we don't
leave anyone behind (if you have a cell phone please send the # so
we can contact you if we don't see you when we're ready to take off).


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