[Santa-rosa-pm] November Meeting

Tom Anderson t at tomacorp.com
Wed Dec 1 23:20:03 CST 2004

The debugger reference card pdf looks fine in
Acrobat reader 4.0 on my linux box.
(CCRMA Linux 2.4.22-6.ll.rh80).

It also looks fine in xpdf version 1.01.
xpdf is very nice, I think it is a little faster
than Acrobat.


Steven.Smith wrote:

>Does anyone know how to contact the people at perl.com?
>They posted what looks like it might be a very nice perl
>debugger card on their site, but it looks like it was
>created in Acrobat 6.0 or newer.  Since Adobe doesn't
>support anything newer than 5.0 for Linux/Unix (except OS X)
>this makes it difficult for the Linux community (who I would
>guess is the largest community using the command line
>debugger) to use.  But I can't find any  way to contact
>them.  I even have an account there and it looks like it's
>all them-to-me and no path back.
>Steve S.
>Steven Smith                    steven.smith at alcatel.com
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