Job: Perl Programmer wanted within O'Reilly

Kevin Bingham kevin at
Tue Sep 16 12:27:45 CDT 2003

Hola All,

Usually group lists are somewhat of a no-go for job advertisements. But 
considering some of you are looking for positions, the low volume of the 
list, and the fact that O'Reilly "sponsors" the group; I didn't think it 
would be an issue. (Besides, I control the list! *grin*)

Anyway, I've been informed that there is a temporary position opening up 
within O'Reilly, October through December, full time for the duration. I 
don't have too many details, but what I do know that it will consist of 
mod_perl programming using a templating system.

Right now this position has NOT been posted to

You can send your resume to me (or point to it online), kevin at, 
and I will forward it to the powers that be.
(I know I've sent on a resume or two from some of you in the past, but this 
is a new position/new round of interviews.)

Your O'Reilly Sonoma Perl Mongers Host
kevin at
kevin at

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