Fwd: [NBLUG] Special Event Announcement; RedHat Road Tour

Kevin Bingham kevin at oreilly.com
Wed Nov 13 13:08:16 CST 2002

Hello All,

If you didn't already know, the RedHat Road Tour is coming to O'Reilly 
today. For details, see below.


>Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 15:51:31 -0800
>From: Eric Eisenhart <eric at eisenhart.com>
>To: announce at nblug.org
>WHAT:     NBLUG Special Event
>TOPIC:    RedHat Road Tour
>SPEAKERS: Jeremy Hogan, James McDermott, Dave Lawrence, Jonathan Opp
>           from Red Hat (http://redhat.com/roadtour/meet/)
>WHERE:    O'Reilly and Associates, Sebastopol
>           http://nblug.org/directions.cgi
>           http://ora.com/oreilly/seb_directions.html
>WHEN:     Wednesday, November 13th @ 6:30PM
>This is a special event on a *different* day than usual, starting earlier
>than usual, but at the regular O'Reilly location.
>     NBLUG is lucky enough to be the only Northern California stop on the
>     RedHat Road Tour.
>     Four men. Two weeks. Five thousand miles. And one solitary purpose: To
>     discover the state of Linux in America.
>     Yes, that's right; four crazy RedHat employees are driving all over
>     the country in an RV and one of their stops is Sebastopol to talk to
>     the members of NBLUG.
>     It looks like the basic format will be one hour of general socializing,
>     mingling and refreshments (you might want to bring a little money for
>     food) until about 7:30, then a demo of RedHat 8.0 for 20-30 minutes,
>     then an unknown topic or maybe Q&A.
>     So: show up early and often; bring your appetite; bring lots of really
>     difficult questions for RedHat that you always wanted to know the
>     answer to.
>     http://redhat.com/
>     http://redhat.com/roadtour/
>November 12th: Meeting; GNU Privacy Guard (GPG); Augie
>December 10th: Meeting; Building an Embedded Linux Prototype; BlueMug
>January 14th:  Meeting; TuxPaint drawing software for children; Bill Kendrick
>January ??th:  InstallFest; probably
>February 11th: Meeting; Intermediate PHP (tentative)
>March 11th:    Meeting; Linux BBC (Bootable Business Card) Project
>Eric Eisenhart
>NBLUG Co-Founder & President Pro Tempore for Life
>The North Bay Linux Users' Group
>eric at nblug.org

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