Thursday's Perl Monger Meeting... CANCELLED!

Kevin Bingham kevin at
Thu Aug 30 10:00:07 CDT 2001

(I don't think this got out properly the first time. So I'm sending it 
again. -KB)

Hola Fellow Perl Mongers!

Alas, no decent local has come up for Thursday's (the 30th) Perl Monger's 
Meeting. As many of you all know, O'Reilly is ramping up for the move to 
our new building on 116, so our usual space at O'Reilly is not available 
tomorrow. Also, I probably should prepare for the four day weekend. (*grin* 
And no doubt I'm not the only one.)

 > Or just wait until we move into the new diggs. There will be plenty of
 > room then.
A possibility. Unless we'd all like to meet at some location (Roundtable 
Pizza, Powerhouse, etc) for the September meeting. And if any of you would 
like to arrange an improptu meeting for tomorrow... well, no doubt that 
will work too.

 From the looks of it, there should be no problem having a meeting at the 
new O'Reilly building in October. (Details to be forthcoming as I hear it.)

That's all folks!

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>Paul Mundell wrote:
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> > Tim-
> > We met a couple of times at the Perl meetings- I'm the guy who hopes to
> > learn perl for some genetic selection equations.  I've been traveling a lot
> > the past couple of months and haven't been able to attend the meetings.  Is
> > there one Thursday night?  Do you know if it will be at the new O'Reilly
> > location or where it used to be?  Thanks for the info, Paul
>No I don't. I saw an email asking what we were going to do but no
>one said anything. Maybe Tom will come up with a spot. Or just
>wait until we move into the new diggs. There will be plenty or
>room then.

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