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My vote is for objects as well -


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On 3/2/00 at 8:37 AM Jay Di Silvestri wrote:

>I'm going to be out of town for the next meeting.  Tim Allwine has
>agreed to do another  topic and has proposed either intro to regexes, or
>objects and references.  Like last time, I think that the session will be
>something that everyone will enjoy, including newbies.  
>To me the object level is the killer feature of perl (That what makes code
>sharing like CPAN possible.) That might be the way to go.  Does anyone have
>a preference?  Is there some other topic we should tackle first?
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>Jay Di Silvestri said...
>>I'm going to be at the O'Reilly java conference for the next
>>meeting.  Tim can you do this one (again).  You got a lot of favorable
>>response last time, so I'm sure everyone would go for it.
>>Madeline, if Tim can't do it, is there a pinch hitter that you can line up?
>>An author, or a marketing research person?
>I would be happy to do it. How about refences and objects? Or I could intro
>regexes or maybe send out a note and see what people want to know.
>Wish I was going to the conference...:(
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