Next Perl Mongers Meeting

Jay Di Silvestri jay at
Thu Mar 2 10:37:24 CST 2000

I'm going to be out of town for the next meeting.  Tim Allwine has
agreed to do another  topic and has proposed either intro to regexes, or
objects and references.  Like last time, I think that the session will be
something that everyone will enjoy, including newbies.  

To me the object level is the killer feature of perl (That what makes code
sharing like CPAN possible.) That might be the way to go.  Does anyone have
a preference?  Is there some other topic we should tackle first?

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Jay Di Silvestri said...
>I'm going to be at the O'Reilly java conference for the next
>meeting.  Tim can you do this one (again).  You got a lot of favorable
>response last time, so I'm sure everyone would go for it.
>Madeline, if Tim can't do it, is there a pinch hitter that you can line up?
>An author, or a marketing research person?

I would be happy to do it. How about refences and objects? Or I could intro
regexes or maybe send out a note and see what people want to know.

Wish I was going to the conference...:(

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