FW: Thanks for the great Perl talk, Tim!

Christopher White chris at adei.com
Sat Feb 26 21:41:19 CST 2000

This got sent only to me, instead of the whole list:

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On Sat, Feb 26, 2000 at 09:10:37AM -0800, Christopher White wrote:
> That goes for me, too.  The great thing was, that even though it was a
> "newbie" session, and I'm not a newbie, I still learned a thing or two.
> it was highly entertaining, to boot!  Great job, Tim!

That's how i feel! Thanks, Tim for showing me the light in creating
data structures via references right from the get-go rather than creating
the reference later.  As soon as it clicked, i realized that my Perl coding
will never be the same!

And <shudder> i've even went out and acquired the Vim tarballs.


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