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Please take a look at this survey.  

I your using both perl and java that is of particular interest to Madeline.

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We are in the process of running a Perl Survey on our website 


and so far we have 1075 respondents.  At the moment about 35% of the
respondents said they program in Perl and Java (among other languages).
The survey is not statistically actionable since the respondents are more
or less self selected (we sent out an email blast to many many lists) but I
was pleasantly surprised by the numbers that have responded.  

Anyway, I sort of naively assumed that Perl and Java were mutually
exclusive (I can hear the collective "duh" out there but hey I am a
marketing weany so what can I say).  Obviously this is not the case.  I
just wanted to know how widespread this practice is.  And, what types of
environments would someone most likely program in Perl and Java.....the
answer to this seems most likely web back ends (using JSP) and not
necessarily sysadmin.

What do you think or what have you heard or experienced.

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