Perl Success Stories

Betsy Waliszewski betsy at
Mon Oct 4 16:50:00 CDT 1999


I am working on a research project regarding successful Perl applications.

I'm after case studies where people have used Perl in non-trivial
applications that are mission-critical.  The goal is to show that Perl
is not a toy language, but rather one that all sorts of people rely on
every day.  

The information we'd need to tell the world:
 - your company and its business
 - the name and function of a particular Perl application
 - rough size of the code and its development time
 - rough idea of how heavily the code is used (number of users)

Some glowing comments about how much time/money/pain Perl saved you
would also go down well :-) I don't have a deadline, and can work
with you to get it done.  

Would you be interested in participating?

Betsy Waliszewski
Associate Product Marketing Manager for Perl
707-829-0515  Ext. 362
betsy at

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