good news

Jay Di Silvestri jay at
Thu Jul 22 23:15:09 CDT 1999

Many of you have written about our next meeting and I've been a little
uncommunicative.   Sorry about that, but I just didn't have anything to
report.  I've been trying to secure a regular meeting place and I'm
happy to report that O'reilly has come through.   They have been nice
enough to extend a meeting room and video display the last Tuesday of
every month.

Unfortunately, it is too late to schedule the room for this month.   If
there is interest, we can schedule another pizza night, but without a
computer it's hard to get the meeting off the ground.  So unless there
is a ground swell of support for a july meeting lets bag it and look
forward to our first official meeting at O'reilly.

For anyone that is going to the perl conference, lets see if we can do
an impromptu meeting there.

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