FW: A move to move Perl Mongers to Thursday

Jay Di Silvestri jay at adei.com
Tue Dec 28 12:20:50 CST 1999

Dear Pmongers,
It would be more convienient to Madeline and Besty at O'reilly if we moved
our  meeings to the last Thursday of the month.  They have been very helpful
to the group and I recommend that we make the change. Is there anyone that
attends regularaly that can't make it on thursdays?

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Subject: A move to move Perl Mongers to Thursday

Hi Jay,

Madeline and Besty have suggested moving the Perl Mongers meeting to 
Thursdays. By doing so they would be able to attend them, and lend support. 
What do you say?

-Kevin (c:

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