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On Tue, Jun 1, 2021 at 1:04 PM Joseph Brenner <doomvox at gmail.com> wrote:

> Andrew Solomon <andrew at geekuni.com> wrote:
> > On behalf of The Perl Foundation <https://www.perlfoundation.org/>,
> Gobby
> > <https://gobby.io/> is running a survey to identify the shared values of
> > the Perl community, and their vision of the Perl ecosystem in years to
> > come.
> Well, I crunched through it, and would certainly encourage others to do so.
> I have to say this "gobby" concept looks like a well-intentioned
> notion that people are just likely to find confusing.  When you ask
> people to "vote" on some alternatives, they don't expect it to be an
> evolving, expanding list of alternatives that anyone can add to at any
> time, and I can't imagine how you can report the results in a way that
> will make sense-- the number of "votes" an answer gets depends on when
> it was added to the list.    Could I go back and "vote" again on the
> new entries that were added after I voted this time?
> (As for the hot topics here, it's kind of drag that the "Community
> Affairs Team" blundering around has gotten us stuck in culture wars
> territory...)
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