[sf-perl] Silicon Valley Perl seeking speakers

Joseph Brenner doomvox at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 18:57:11 PDT 2020

Lambert Lum of the Silicon Valley Perl group asked me to forward
an announcement:

Silicon Valley Perl meetup group is seeking a Perl/Raku lecturer
for its presentation, "Quantum::Superpositions". In Perl5, it's
called Quantum::Superpositions. In Raku, it's called
junctions. The presentation is scheduled for Thursday Dec 3,
6:30PM to 7:45PM, as an online meeting
'https://meet.google.com/kwk-augf-ted';. The lecturer is
encouraged to transition from Perl5 to Raku to discuss
junctions. The lecturer is free to shill for Raku as time
permits, even venturing from junctions to other Raku features. At
7:45pm the lecture will end, so that we may conduct elections. If
you wish to volunteer to be the Perl/Raku lecturer for
"Quantum::Superpositions", please contact Lambert Lum,
emceelam at gmail.com

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