[sf-perl] Informal Perl6 Study Group: Sunday, September 30th

Joseph Brenner doomvox at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 15:54:52 PDT 2018

Come one, come all to "the informal perl 6 study group"
coming up this Sunday, September 30th at 1pm at the Blue Oak Cafe
located on the Oakland Museum premises.

I'm going to call this one an "open study" session (even more open
than usual) without an announced topic.  Myself, I'm
starting to get the hang of perl 6 grammars, I'm continuing to
mess around with the Set (and Set-like) object types, and I'm
interested in exploring the evils of "augment" sometime soon....

Oh, if anyone's got a copy of the new "Learning Perl 6" book, you
might bring it by so we can all take a look at it-- I just
ordered a copy [1] but I don't think I'll have it by then.

More info (or just ask me!):


[1] I ordered my copy via bn.com myself: I don't do amazon, and
oreilley.com has gone so trendy it takes me a few dozen clicks
just to find out they're useless.

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