[sf-perl] The Sept 23rd Perl 6 informal Study Sessiong

Joseph Brenner doomvox at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 12:49:11 PDT 2018

We're still on for the "Informal Perl 6 Study Group" this Sunday,
at 1pm in the Blue Oak Cafe at the Oakland Museum.

I'm once again going to be trying to get into perl 6
regexps/grammars, possibly playing around with something
like the much reviled task of ad-hoc html page scraping
(and actually it doesn't look like there's too much in the
way of perl 6 modules yet to do stuff like dom tree-building).
But the way things go, we tend to just talk about whatever
comes up.

More info is over here:

Oh, and if you're thinking you might attend, it'd be helpful to
punch the RSVP button over at meetup.  I don't particularly need
the information, but I think some newbies might be encouraged by
a higher attendance count.
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