[sf-perl] Last Perl 6 study group

Joseph Brenner doomvox at gmail.com
Fri May 4 12:20:35 PDT 2018

Last weeks gathering at the Blue Oak went pretty well, I thought.  I
walked in the door with a particular goal-- I wanted to see perl6 talk
to postgres, and see if it throws an error if a perl6 int exceeds the
range of a postgres integer (yes, it does).  The hard part there for
me turned out to be understanding the named-argument syntax used in
the SYNOPSIS for the DBI_ish (there's something like 4 variations,
plus issues like "If there's no password, should you set password to
the empty string, or just not have a password field?" -- turns out
it's the latter).

Yary helped me out on that one, and Richard told me about a bash
feature I've wanted to know for years... how do you deal with files
named with a leading dash?  Answer, you use a "--" to tell bash there
are no more options coming.

We talked about a bunch of other things-- one that comes to mind is
the perl6 loop syntax which is very nice for things like handling
three items at a time.

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