[sf-perl] Vim "mode-less" settings... .

William Michels wjm1 at caa.columbia.edu
Sun Apr 22 17:25:54 PDT 2018

Hi, at our Meetup today, a user asked how to set up Vim to run in
"Insert" mode from the get-go. The easiest way is to turn on the
'insertmode' setting (Boolean, default off).

:h insertmode

>From Normal mode, "colon" to get to "Ex" mode (also known as 'Command'
mode or' Last-line' mode), then:

:set nocompatible
:set insertmode

Check settings with:

:set compatible?
:set insertmode?

Toggle 'insertmode' setting with:

:set insertmode!

These lines can be added to your .vimrc file. For further information,
see StackOverflow below, as well as Steve Losh's excellent site:


Best Regards, Bill.

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