[sf-perl] Announcing Perl 6 Informal Study Sessions

Joseph Brenner doomvox at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 17:14:15 PDT 2018

Okay, to start with the summary:

  Perl 6 Informal Study Sessions
  Sundays, starting on April 15
  10am - Noonish
  "Blue Oak Cafe" at the Oakland Museum
  1000 Oak Street (at 10th Street)
  near Lake Merritt BART


  First reading:

  And maybe (this comes with the perl6 code):

I want to try something new with the SF Perl group: an informal
series of study sessions focused on perl6.

My idea is to get together for a few hours on Sunday mornings
over at the Oakland Museum cafe, and start going through one of
the new perl 6 books together (though there's plenty material to
look at at this point).  Rather than formal classes I'm thinking
more like hackfest-style with lots of shoulder surfing.
There will be announced readings, but it's up to you how much time
you spend on them before hand.

For the first gathering, I figure we should start with just this
one web page:


And after that we can start working through the main "course textbook".
My pick for that is the Moritz Lenz book, "Perl 6 Fundamentals",
which has a PDF available for free download:


You can also get a print-on-demand copy from Apress for a little over $30:


And the code examples from it are on github:


For the location, I want to try using the Blue Oak Cafe over at
the Oakland Museum.  Despite being on the museum premises, this
is open to the public without paying a museum admission, and it's
right by the Lake Merrit BART station.  The coffee is good and
the food is decent, and I think the environment will work out
well. There's no wifi, however, so load-up your laptops in advance.

In particular, you can install perl6 from:


Time and date: let's try every Sunday, 10am-Noonish.  Let's call
the first one official one April 15th (argh, the ides of
April... but it's always something).

(Though I'm going to be hanging around there this Sunday as a trial run
if anyone feels like coming by.)

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