[sf-perl] Joint meeting with Postgres group: DevOps Data Storage Choices, by Brad Lhotsky

Joseph Brenner doomvox at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 22:07:08 PST 2017

This month Brad Lhotsky is going to be presenting again, this time in
a joint meeting with the postgresql group (which calls themselves
SFPUG, but that let that throw you...  SF-Psquared-UG?).

If you're interested in going to this one, you need to sign up at the
postgresql group (if you haven't already), they're handling the RSVPs
this time:


Once you're in, you'll learn the secret location (downtown SF on 2nd Street).

This is what the talk is going to be about:

    Brad Lhotsky will contrast tools for different DB use cases. Brad writes:

    There are a lot of choices for NoSQL and time series data. We'll
look at use cases, pros/cons, and operational costs for ElasticSearch,
PostgreSQL, Graphite, OpenTSDB, InfluxDB.  You'll have a clearer
understanding of the technologies and know how they compare to each
other and others you may be evaluating. The goal is to help you make
informed decisions to ensure your data is working for you sooner!

    This is a joint meeting with the SF Perl Meetup – welcome, SF Perl
members! Many thanks to them, Brad, our venue sponsor Gandi.net, and
our food sponsor PostgreSQL Experts.

    When you arrive at the venue, press 5 on the intercom. We will buzz you up.

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