[sf-perl] Emergency Social, Monday after 7pm?

Joseph Brenner doomvox at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 00:12:32 PDT 2016

I don't know that there's a trick to using UberX there... I haven't
used it myself, but it's legal at SFO.  Once you're at the curb (or
realistically, a little before) you summon a ride, as usual.

Myself, I'd probably just use BART.  It goes straight from the airport
to your hotel (Powell St stop) in about a half-hour, for around $9.
There the trick is just that you need to take the AirTrain to the BART
station over in the International Terminal.


On Thu, Jun 23, 2016 at 7:00 PM, Randal L. Schwartz
<merlyn at stonehenge.com> wrote:
>>>>>> "Joseph" == Joseph Brenner <doomvox at gmail.com> writes:
> Joseph> Any preference on times?  Shall we say 7pm?
> Yeah, my arrival is 5pm.  What's the trick to get uberX from the airport?
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