[sf-perl] July 26th Meeting is on: Better Service Monitoring Through Histograms

Joseph Brenner doomvox at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 13:26:02 PDT 2016

As you've probably seen from the meetup.com site, the July 26th
meeting is back on, with a talk from Fred on "Better Service
Monitoring Through Histograms":

Fred Moyer will introduce us to statistical based service monitoring.
If you've used something like Nagios, Graphite, or Zabbix to monitor
your systems, you're probably familiar with threshold based alerting.
Specifically, that it often results in you waking up in the middle of
the night for false positives. This talk will show you how to
implement quantile based service monitoring with histograms, so that
you can understand how your service is actually doing, rather than
just guessing based on metric averages.

This looks like a good one on a subject of pretty broad appeal. Help
spread the word...


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