[sf-perl] [job] Symantec is looking for Perl-friendly engineers.

Kevin Frost biztos at mac.com
Mon May 25 16:16:24 PDT 2015

Hello Mongers!

My group at Symantec is hiring a couple of engineers, and we’d love to find Perl people.

We are a smallish, globally distributed engineering team working on e-mail security products.  E-mail remains the most vital form of Internet communication, and it is a constant threat vector for organized crime and other nefarious actors.  We work to counter that threat.

These positions involve Perl work (legacy systems and new development) as well as work in other languages.  Mostly server programming, much of it performance sensitive, some involving large streams of data.

The ideal candidates would have real-world software-development experience involving mission-critical systems using OO Perl and databases, and have done other interesting things as well.  AWS/OpenStack experience would, for instance, be interesting.  A solid understanding of Perl unit-testing would be a big plus; a solid work ethic and desire to Get S*** Done are required.

These positions are based in downtown San Francisco: a ten-minute walk from Montgomery St. BART, about ten minutes by bus from CalTrain (I used to walk it in twenty).

Here are a few things worth knowing about Symantec, or at least the corner of it I work in:

We are grownups striving to build excellent software we believe makes the world a better place.  We aren’t perfect but we are smart enough to acknowledge that and work to improve.

We believe in work-life balance, in the sense of having a life outside of work.  No 120% time, no on-site massage therapy, no compulsory happy hour, no brogrammers.

Ours is an international team inside an international company.  We value diversity for real, and maintain a respectful and communicative work environment.

We offer some very interesting technical challenges to our engineers, and the ability to make a big difference through good work and innovation.

If this sounds interesting to you, or you have questions about any of it, please get in touch.

Please note that I am not the hiring manager for these positions, but I am in near-daily contact with him so any CVs or official inquiries will be forwarded immediately.

You can contact me at my address on the Perl Mongers list, or at my work address:

kevin_frost at symantec.com


— frosty

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