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If it gets to 90 days you could report the business to Dun & Bradstreet,
make it harder for them to get loans in the future. Seems a more
business-like way of getting a feeling of satisfaction.

The only non-payment I can think of for my small consulting business was
due to the Four Star fraud & bankruptcy, and after a decade or so we got
back about 1% of what we were originally owed. Better than nothing.


On Sun, Feb 15, 2015 at 1:24 PM, Mike Friedman <frimicc at gmail.com> wrote:

> IANAL, but if it's a decent amount of money, you should probably get one.
> Personally, I wouldn't stop at emailing to ask for payment of your
> invoice. Phone calls are more forceful and letters through the mail, with
> copies that you keep as a record, are even better. Be sure not to threaten
> him with disclosure of his activities or you could be in legal trouble for
> slander. (Even if you're in the right. The law is very definitely on the
> side of the employer in this sort of case.)
> I agree that "outing" him in a public forum probably won't help either
> your reputation or get you your money. It'd feel good for a little bit, but
> is likely not worth it in the end.
> As with any other contract dispute, a lawyer is going to be your best next
> option here.
> I'm sorry this happened to you and even more sorry that our culture today
> won't let you give him the public shaming he may deserve. :-( I hope you
> can at least get paid, though.
> Best of luck!
> -- Michael Friedman
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> > On Feb 14, 2015, at 1:52 PM, Lyra Silvertongue <lyraslvrtnge at gmail.com>
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> > Hey guys, im just looking for a little advice.  I recently did a very
> short contract for a company with a really unsavory character as its C.O.
> .  Not only was he really unprofessional in his behavior but after the
> contract was ended and I asked about my last invoice I got complete
> silence.  I have sent a few emails including one with the invoice and have
> gotten nothing back.  Im unsure how to proceed if he wont pay me.  I feel
> like I cant  put the word out either as it would only reflect poorly on me
> as he is well known in the perl world.  But because of his behavior I worry
> that I cant have been the only one this has happened to.  Any advice?
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