[sf-perl] Last call for lightning talk proposals!

VM Brasseur sfpm at vmbrasseur.com
Sun May 4 18:10:57 PDT 2014

This upcoming Tuesday we'll be gathering at Tagged for Lightning Talks! 
It's going to be a great evening. Here's what we already have on tap:

   * Ready, set, Go!
   * Semantic Versioning
   * Python versus Perl: some gotchas
   * Token-Based Authentication with AgularJS
   * Big Mistakes in Educational Technology
   * Coding Calisthenics With Exercism.io
   * Everything I Know About Startups, I Learned From World of Warcraft
   * Breaking Habits
   * Welcoming new contributors: What I've learned as a Debian Developer
   * Improving reproducibility and record-keeping with Log::Reproducible
   * Perl Selenium

As you can see, talk subjects rather run the gamut.

A few more talks would not go amiss in the schedule. Have you been 
thinking about presenting but not yet thrown your hat into the ring? 
This is the time, since I'll be writing up the schedule tomorrow.

First-time speakers are keen! This is a great way to get started with 
conference speaking.

Don't wish to speak? That's OK! Come join us in the beautiful Tagged 
office and absorb many different flavors of wisdom that evening.

To sign up to speak or to RSVP: 

Speaker or attendee, we're looking forward to seeing you this Tuesday!


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