[sf-perl] Show an Aussie around?

VM Brasseur sfpm at vmbrasseur.com
Mon Aug 11 21:35:41 PDT 2014

On 08/11/2014, 17:41 , Dean Hamstead wrote:
> Hi All,


> I will be in what i may incorrectly be considering the "bay area" on one
> of the next few weekends, as a well known company has offered to pay to
> fly me in for an interview (or 5 it turns out).

In what town will you be staying? If San Francisco, then we're in 
business! If a town southward (Palo Alto, Mountain View, etc.), then we 
can hook you up with some of the SV.pm people.

> Be it a good opportunity or not, flying from Sydney Australia to another
> country isn't a bad way to spend a weekend if someone else is paying.


> The exact weekend is still TBD, but I am keen to make any PM meetings or
> even just to meet some nice people (perlers or otherwise) who know great
> places to eat etc.

San Francisco is nothing if not full of great places to eat/drink/etc. 
We don't have an official meeting scheduled but once you have a better 
idea of your schedule I'm very pleased to put an impromptu social event 
on our calendar. :-)


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