[sf-perl] Please sign up to do a lightning talk!

VM Brasseur sfpm at vmbrasseur.com
Sun Apr 13 12:09:27 PDT 2014

Five minutes.

You can talk about a subject for five measly little minutes, can't you? 
Sure! We all can.

Then please sign up to do a Lightning Talk on May 6th:


If you're interested in speaking but don't have a topic, contact me! 
You're a fantastically interesting person, you just may not realize HOW 
interesting. We'll work together to find a subject on which you can hold 
forth for five minutes. And I'll help you work on the presentation. 
There's nothing to it. Lemme prove that to you.

You have an idea but it's not Perl-y? Fret not! When's the last time you 
worked on a stack which was 100% one language or technology? (probable 
answer: NEVER) While we love Perl, we understand that it's only one part 
in a complicated system. Hearing more about ANYTHING which can make our 
lives easier would be divine, be that thing Perl or Javascript or devops 
or just any ol' thing.

You have an idea but it's not even tech-related? Again: Fret not! We 
are, each of us, more than technologists. We're complex humans with 
diverse interests and passions. This is part of what makes us such great 
coworkers. Want to talk about the Agile Approach to Cheese Making? Home 
Automation without Skynet? How to Poach the Perfect Egg? Hacking 
Frequent Flyer Miles for Fun and Profit? Bring it on!

Never spoken before? This is the most low-impact way to get started. 
It's only five minutes, so there's not a lot of investment required. 
Also: You're never going to find a friendlier audience. We think you're 
swell and want you to succeed.

Come! Speak to us!


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