[sf-perl] Announcements: 2013 schedule changes; Sept. meeting; Streaming!; December social!

VM Brasseur sfpm at vmbrasseur.com
Sun Sep 1 12:26:45 PDT 2013

Hey there, all. I thought you'd appreciate some information about what's 
been going on at SF.pm HQ.

We usually meet on the fourth Tuesday of the month, which makes it 
pretty easy for people to plan. However, in the next few months we'll 
need to diverge from this usual schedule so we can accommodate the 
excellent speakers who've volunteered their time and knowledge. As soon 
as we have dates settled we'll let you know what they are, to help you 
schedule & plan your time.

For starters, we'll probably have a meeting coming up on either the 9th 
or 10th of September (read: VERY SOON because, CRAP, it's already 
September). This meeting will mark the triumphant return of Adam 
Kennedy, who hasn't spoken for a year and a half. We're thrilled and 
honored he's chosen us for his (re-)inaugural presentation. We'll be 
posting that event ASAP, just as soon as we can finalize a few pesky 
details like date and location. Keep your eyes peeled for that 
announcement, but do mark the date(s) now to be sure you can make it.

Nota Bene: If we can get things sorted out in time, we also hope 
September will be the first time we're able to stream/record the event. 
More info on that as we have it.

In addition, we're thinking of having an SF.pm Social in December. It's 
been too long since we've been able to bum about & geek out together. 
Have thoughts on that front? We'll be discussing it at the September 
meeting (or you can always just send 'em to the list).

And that's all the news that's fit to print.

Allons y!


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