[sf-perl] json and xs

David Alban extasia at extasia.org
Wed Nov 20 10:15:00 PST 2013

i installed JSON to get very basic json capabilities.  we install non-core
modules on a network attached storage device, and so they're usable by
multiple hosts.

i'm trying to update a homegrown module in production that we've been using
in qa for a while.  it uses JSON and because of JSON::XS it is incompatible
with some of the prod hosts that mount the filesystem containing our
non-core modules.

i suppose the best thing to do would be to reinstall JSON on our production
nas (rather than simply rsyncing from the qa nas to the prod nas.

i wonder why JSON depends on an architecture specific module.  isn't it
just text processing?  perhaps it's a matter of optimization.

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