[sf-perl] [webinar] russ's Git Fusion web show Tuesday 11am

Russ Tremain russt at releasetools.org
Thu Nov 14 23:51:16 PST 2013


Speaking of Git, I'm hosting a 30 minute webinar next Tuesday at 
11:00 am PST, on how to use Perforce Git Fusion to break-up bloated 
Git repositories into smaller functional views.

I will use my<https://github.com/russt/cado> Cado open-source project 
as an example, and break it up into multiple views for dev, qa, docs, 
etc.  (Cado is an easily extended, Perl-based code-generation 
language, that I originally wrote to generate large Java class 

Best of all, you can do it for free!  Last year, I did a 
Subversion->Git conversion and remapping for the 
<https://github.com/openwsn-berkeley>OpenWSN project at Berkeley 
EECS, and it was a nightmare.  At that time, Git Fusion did not 
exist, but it is now in stable production.  Wish it had been around 
back then..

Here is where you can sign up:


You can sign up now and listen later if you like.


P.S. if you are being faced with an SCM conversion project, let me 
know, as I've done a few of them, and can probably recommend some 

Disclaimer:  I now work at Perforce.
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