[sf-perl] [OT] Infrastructure for consulting [e.g. CPA, lawyers...]

George Hartzell hartzell at alerce.com
Fri May 31 13:27:06 PDT 2013

VM Brasseur writes:
 > On 05/31/2013 13:00 , George Hartzell wrote:
 > > How to all y'all handle this kind of stuff?
 > I just got a lawyer. I found it's the simplest and easiest option.
 > Yes, it costs money, but he's worth his weight in gold and allows me to 
 > sleep nights. He's not only business- and legal-savvy, he's also 
 > tech-savvy and a damn good guy.

I'd love to get a lawyer, especially one like that.  I just haven't
had much luck finding quality that's interested in my piddly needs.

 > Adam Bier at Bier Legal in downtown SF: http://www.bierlegal.com/

Ah, *that's* the kind of info I was hoping for.

 > My 2¢.

And another beer [pun ex post facto...] into your account too.



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